July, 2009

Jul 09

Bursting our Blacksburg Bubble

It has been such a great few years here in Blacksburg. Our life has felt like a vacation. 🙂 So many wonderful new friends, who are now permanent fixtures in my little heart. So we better get lots of visitors in Italy when we eventually get there! And to my colleagues at PRA- it has been such a pleasure working as one of the PRA family. If only I could figure out some sort of teleporting system I’d happily continue working with you guys for years to come…

This past week I have been spoiled by you all, with lots of emotional goodbyes and kind words. Jeff and I will miss you dearly.

And so our little home in Blacksburg is being dismantled, and replaced by a wall of tupperware bins. It reminds me of playing with lego as a kid. Except lego was much more fun. And much less work.
Just a few more days in this area, to be spent with friends and family, and then we hit the road for Part 1: Road trip USA…

Jul 09

Packing Up

We’ve started packing the house. Slowly, not-so-surely. Soon, the tour will begin.