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After a week in Rishikesh, sleeping in a pyramid-shaped tent up on the jungle-covered hillside, doing yoga with increased frequency and intensity, learning meditation, and stocking up on pseudo western food (mainly for the sake of Gina’s belly), we parted ways with Matthew. Five weeks is the longest he and I have spent together in one go since we were much younger. Before Matthew moved to Spain, maybe 12 years ago. Bizarre to think.

It has been wonderful. So much fun and banter. With the occasional narky-pants moments along the way, to be expected. I have always felt blessed to have so many siblings. People I love to be around. Now all of us adults, spreading out across the world. So coming out here to join Matthew in his life in Asia, and see a bit of his world, has been a really special experience. He has diligently continued with his role as protector and teacher of his younger sister. The older we get however, the more reciprocal it becomes. Each of us with our own angle on life so far. Our two paths running alongside each other again after so many years of only brief crossings. Hopefully they will join again for more adventures soon…

Ganga Sunset

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