The Smells of India   // gina

  1. Urine
  2. Exhaust Fumes
  3. Dust
  4. Burning rubbish and rubber
  5. Thali and chapati from the numerous Dhabas (tiny street restaurants)
  6. Incense

P.S. – Of course this is different when you are in the mountains, away from any concentrated population. But isn’t that always the case…

P.P.S – Anyone else remember any others?



  1. wow…reminds me of certain parts of LA 🙂 (especially the exhaust part and sadly, the urine)

    • Yeah. not that all the smells are negative. It’s more of a matter of fact type of thing… though, I am not sure that the smell of urine can ever be a positive smell.

  2. The smell of shit is notably absent for me. Also the smell of sun curdled food and liquids. Negative maybe but a big part of my memories. The pics are amazing.

    • I don’t think of the nasty smells as negative per se. They are what they are and they are a big part of what makes India so mental and fun (and sometimes frustrating).