Ready to sit still for a bit   // gina

About to embark on about 35 hours of bus travel to El Chaltén in Southern Patagonia. Only 3 weeks until our flight back to the US. We were sitting here wondering where the time has gone and why we feel so tired…

I think we’ve worked it out…

Since reaching the Andes we have spent:

  • 20 days trekking
  • 3-4 days climbing
  • 4 days on buses
  • 6-7 days resting or waiting out bad weather ( and gorging on fruit and Dulce de leche mmm 🙂

And yes, I am a nerd.

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  1. So I just discovered something monumental: During your brief hiatus in the States, the DJs will conveniently be playing on Thursday February 18th… Jeff’s Birthday-~ sounds like an epic night in the making! You can’t say no, this night has already been written in history…

  2. hey yall! dont forget about the proud whitewater the cochamo has to offer. also butch and sundance used to herd their cattle through the valley and down that rutted trail to port when they were living across the border in argentina. cant wait to see some pics. hope yinz are having a blast and jefe, you;ll be happy to know that that old green bike i bought from you years ago is about to spend a month cruisin around cuba! cheers guys, much love

  3. hello jef how are you. Iam martin of la bolsa hostel. i hope you remember my. I see your photos its very amazing. Do you came back to USA. IF you stay in bsas with gina please write me…..

    Saludos para los dos….Muy lindo conocerlos.